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Over processed lashes

Lash Lift Gone wrong..
Over-processed lash lift lashes refer to eyelashes that have been subjected to too much lifting or processing during a lash lift treatment. This can happen when the lash lift solution is left on for too long, the solution is too strong, or the lashes are processed multiple times in a single session. Over-processed lashes can become brittle, damaged, and appear uneven or crooked.

To avoid over-processing during a lash lift treatment, it is important to choose an experienced and trained lash artist who can properly assess your lashes and choose the appropriate solution strength and processing time based on your unique lash characteristics. Additionally, you should communicate any concerns you have with your artist and follow their aftercare instructions carefully to ensure the health and longevity of your lashes.

If your lashes are already over-processed, it is important to give them a break from any further treatments and allow them to recover. This can be done by avoiding mascara and eyelash curlers and using a nourishing lash serum Like Lami Lashes Energy Elixir to promote lash health. In some cases, a lash lift reversal treatment may be necessary to restore the lashes to their natural state. This should be performed by a trained professional.
Lash Lift Reversal
This is your speedy solution for overly lifted lashes. Again, this option is only for healthy lashes.
As for damaged lashes, the only safe way to undo their lift is by letting them grow it out.
Need to know: Waiting for a day or 2 after unsuccessful lift before having another. Results take about 24 hours to fully set, and your lift may improve within this time.
If you still don’t like the look of your lashes 24 to 48 hours later, these 5 basic steps can create just the right amount of lift:


Step 1: Clean the eye area and lashes.
Step 2: Gently brush through the lashes in a downward motion using a mini mascara wand or spoolie with the Vegan Plex System Step 1 LIFT solution until you have reached the desired curl. This process should take no longer than 30 seconds to a minute.
Step 3: After applying the first solution for the proper amount of time, you will now begin removing any excess Step 1 using a dry applicator or q-tip. Once you feel you have gotten the majority of the first product removed, it is time to perform the same process and timing using Vegan Plex System Step 2 FIX.
Step 4: After you have properly applied and removed the second solution, it is time to apply Vegan Plex System 3D Filler Step 3 or Energy Elixir for deeper nourishment in the same manner as Steps 1 and 2.
Step 5: DO NOT remove the Step 3 Moisturizing Solution, you will leave this product on the clients lashes until they are able to cleanse their lashes using water at least 24 hours post treatment.

It is important to note that a lash lift reversal treatment should only be performed by a trained professional. Attempting to reverse a lash lift treatment at home can be dangerous and can cause further damage to the lashes.

After the reversal treatment, the lashes may appear shorter or thinner than before the original treatment. This is because the lash lift solution temporarily elongates the lashes, and the reversal process returns them to their natural state. However, the lashes will eventually grow back to their normal length and thickness with proper care and maintenance.

It is important to discuss the risks and potential outcomes of a lash lift reversal treatment with a trained professional before undergoing the procedure. They can provide guidance on whether this is the best course of action for your individual situation.
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