Lash Lift and Brow Lamination

How to select the perfect silicone shield?

To our clients, the most important part of a lash lift treatment is the way their lashes look at the end – that they look longer and more curled than the lashes they walked in with. Of course this will come down to the products that you used and how long you leave them on the lashes for, but the success of your lash lift rests upon the selection of your shields!

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Choosing the right silicone shield for your lash lift procedure is important as it can affect the outcome of the treatment. Here are some tips on how to choose the right silicone shield:

  1. Size: Silicone shields come in different sizes to fit different eye shapes and lash lengths. Choose a shield that fits your eye shape and lash length to ensure a proper fit and avoid discomfort during the procedure.
  2. Shape: Silicone shields come in different shapes to create different types of curls. Consider the type of curl you want to achieve and choose a shield with the appropriate shape.
  3. Material: Silicone shields can be made of different materials, such as silicone or rubber. Choose a shield made of high-quality silicone or rubber that is flexible and comfortable to wear.
  4. Thickness: The thickness of the shield can also affect the outcome of the treatment. Thicker shields can create a more dramatic curl, while thinner shields can create a more natural-looking curl. Consider the type of curl you want to achieve and choose a shield with the appropriate thickness.
Shield Sizes
The size of your lash lift depends on what type of appearance you are going for. For example, if you want a dramatic look, small size will do. If you want a sophisticated look with sweeping lashes, large size will do.

The following information and chart will help you understand how size is chosen:
  • Small (S): Is used for natural lashes that are 7mm long
  • Medium (M): Is used for natural lashes that measure between 7mm and 8 mm
  • Medium 1 (M1): Is used for natural lashes with lengths ranging from 7mm to 8mm, and 9mm
  • Medium2 (M2): Is used for natural lashes with lengths ranging from 7mm to 8mm, 9mm, and 10mm
  • Large (L): Is used for natural lashes with lengths ranging from 7mm to 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, and 11mm
  • XL is the most rounded and can be used for longer lashes, but it may not provide enough curl. The most rounded shape of the XL Lash Shield can make it difficult to apply evenly, which can lead to a gentle curl.

Glue free shields
The new generation of lifting shields are glue-free! They are called soft silicone shields. Due to the super soft silicone that they have been made of, they can be applied on to the eyelid without glue! They hug the eyeball snugly and won’t move out of place. This makes their application and clean-up process at the end of the treatment much faster, cutting down on your treatment time.

How to apply silicone shields?
Separate the false lash layer from the main layer before applying shields to avoid placing the shield too far. Then hold the shield from its outer corner while positioning it: for instance, from the right if you are working on the right eye. Lift the customer’s eyelid gently in order to check that the silicone shield is placed as close to the lash line as possible.

How do I know if I placed the shield correctly?
One of the biggest reasons for an underwhelming lift is placing the shield too far from the eyelid. If the lashes are then brushed too tight, it will make the waterline flip, which results in a reduced curl. If the silicone is too far and lashes are brushed as tight as they normally should, it will still result in a reduced curl. So make sure to check the distance from the edge of the eyelid before proceeding. If you see any skin between the shield and the lashes, the gap is too big and the shield must be positioned again.

Can Lash Shields be Reused?
Lami Lashes Lash Lift shields are reusable. However, it is important to immerse them into a high level disinfectant liquid after each use. Use LAMI LASHES ANTIBACTERIAL MOUSSE GREEN TEA. l it is suitable not only for everyday life, but is also useful for doctors, cosmetologists, manicurists, etc. Antibacterial and disinfectant. Corbion’s PURAC Sanilac (Lactic Acid 80%) provides a safe yet powerful disinfectant alternative to traditional biocides that is non-toxic to humans and natural ecosystems.
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