Lami Lashes Lami Glue Balm“Glue without glue”

LAMI LASHES LAMI GLUE BALM “Glue without glue”
is a revolutionary adhesive that provides a 2 in 1 treatment of lifting and nourishing.
Glue Balm is an adhesive that acts as a glue to hold lashes on the shield, yet nourishes like a balm.
Banana Paradise - STRONG HOLD - For stiff, straight lashes
Green Apple & Sweet Peach - MEDIUM HOLD - For thin to normal lashes

Procedure time is reduced due to quick wrapping of eyelashes and the timing of the solutions
Safe, hydrating formula
Superior penetration
Quick and easy wrapping
Does not fully dry
No need to remove excess glue
Light fruity scent
Lower lashes do not stick to upper lashes

2 Sizes
20 & 30ml (0,68 & 1.01 fl.oz)
20ml = 100-150 uses
30ml = 150-225 uses