Lami Brow Tool Kit

set of 6

  • Cleansing brush - a brush for cleaning and preparing eyelashes and eyebrows for work. The thin synthetic fiber skillfully penetrates between each hair and gently cleanses it.
  • Large, angled brush - a brush for applying and outlining the contour of the eyebrows with paste. It easily covers a large area of the brow at once.
  • Angled small brush for henna coloring, for applying precise and graphic lines.
  • Rust-colored straight brush for cleaning and creating straight lines when applying pencil or paste contours. Also useful for cleaning in henna and dye coloring.
  • Small straight brush for henna eyebrow coloring, as well as for perfect removal of solutions in the pre-lamination/lift procedures.
  • Rounded black brush for layer-by-layer application of henna coloring, as well as dye coloring.
  • Rounded white brush for applying lamination solutions to the brow area.